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April 23, 2012

Samsung announced that it will enter the field of LED lighting

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Samsung (Samsung) yesterday (18) days for the first time to participate in the Frankfurt lighting & building automation exhibition, actively announced that he would step into the lighting field, shook the LED industry.

Samsung from 2011 began to actively enter the LED lighting market in 2012 a larger scale in the brand museum exhibit full range of LED components, the bulb lights to lamps 100, the size of the exhibition next to Seoul, South Korea Semiconductor, Japan Nichia (Nichia), Toshiba (Toshiba), Citizen and other LED manufacturers is quite the formation of the Japanese and the ROK in the LED on the duel.

The Samsung display a full range of products, Epistar Chairman Li Bingjie Samsung may pose a threat to the global top three manufacturers such as Philips, Osram, singular position in the lighting industry in the rise of the lighting.

He said that the Samsung-made the LED from upstream to downstream, one of the most awe-inspiring: the capacity of the large size of Samsung’s major LED backlight, but the company production in part to the elimination of chip used on the LED lighting, so one to reduce the price of the LED, the destructive power of the market price.

It is understood that the South Korean manufacturer of LED lighting market last year began to actively cut, mostly for the United States pathway factory OEM, industry insiders believe that Samsung entered the LED industry, has been kept to the order of Taiwanese manufacturers.

Last year, South Korea LED output has jumped to second, and Taiwan have been pulled down in third place; LED output value of the first is still in Japan.

This year include China, Korea and Europe and the United States to compete in the LED lighting market will be very intense, so under the formation of small factories there will be a high threshold to enter the situation.


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