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September 4, 2012

North American market demands high quality LED

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90% of Americans use LED and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL, Compact fluorescent lamp) to replace traditional incandescent light bulbs to reduce lighting expenses. Recent market study found that for U.S. consumers, despite the high quality of LED lighting, only takes a traditional light bulbs 75% power and long life of 25 years, is still 75% of the trial the final choice tighten the CFL, and only 25% The people who choose to use LED lights.

Most of the petition comes to the current market, the price is still the key factor in consumers refused to adopt LED and compact fluorescent. LED price of 25-60 U.S. dollars, the CFL is priced at 1.25 to 18 U.S. dollars. The highest level (the price of the most expensive) LED lights, 23 years later can help consumers save energy costs of $ 130, the same during the 60-watt compact fluorescent lamps can help consumers save $ 60. However, LEDinside pointed out that such research surveys LED product prices with high sweet spot less than $ 10, the price of LED can save energy costs are much higher, and will be more than the CFL payback payback benefits.

The majority of consumers said that unless the decline in the price of the two lamps or replacement will still not high. 2011 LED prices fell 20%, and is expected that prices will continue to decline to $ 10 in the next two to three years.

U.S. market sales in the forefront of LED lamps contain EcoSmart (priced at $ 26), A19 and Philips ($ 25), environmental lighting, light intensity and light adjustment function and the color of the light with incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs alike, so suited to replace the 60-watt traditional bulb.

Of course, not each LED bulb lighting quality. Consumer Reports found the instability some poor-quality LED bulb lighting and lighting is often darken, priced at $ 20 MiracleLED. The recommended consumer choice containing the the energy mark of LED products to avoid buying lemons.

In fact, part of the LED light bulb products, rendered dim and uneven light and unusual lighting color is a major factor for consumers lamp disappointed, these are mostly manufactured in China, and marked by the traders, agents specific brand name sales.

Normally, a 60-watt LED bulb lumens at least to reach 800 lm, so as to reach the standard of illumination brightness. Lighting light color at least 2000K, 3000K and halogen white chromaticity can reach 5000 to 6000K color is more bluish. The the fixture packaging labels will attach these details, U.S. DOE specification to require manufacturers to do these basic specifications labeled to help consumers buy LED bulbs.


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