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August 13, 2012

Japan Railways is the full realization of LED lighting

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Japan Railway companies long ago committed to energy conservation. Compared with other modes of transport, railway transport energy consumption per capita is already relatively low. For example, per capita transportation energy consumption of the Shinkansen only aircraft 1/25.

However, by the recent electricity supply and demand changes, the railway can no longer sit back and relax. East Japan earthquake, nuclear power plant outage caused a national shortage of electricity caused a huge impact on the railway. Just after the earthquake, the railway companies of Japan’s eastern region began to carry out a comprehensive energy-saving campaign, with the nuclear power plant outage, the railway companies in the western region also start action.

Railway field of energy-saving technology has been in progress. Shinkansen, for example, now the N700 line “with the first generation of” 0 line “compared to the traveling speed of 220km, to reduce power consumption by about half, compared with the previous generation” 700 system “power consumption is also reduced by about 20%. But in the future, in order to further improve energy efficiency, it is necessary to adopt new technologies. The general railway situation is the same.


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