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Outdoor LED Display Outdoor LED Display

September 24, 2013

LED display industry price and value

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China as the world’s factory, any product you want to reduce production costs, global buyers naturally think in the domestic procurement, this phenomenon has also spread to the domestic LED display industry. Two or three years I have several domestic phenomenon has deep feelings.

First, from 2011 to 2012 many LED display manufacturers in order to be traded off, the fastest way is to significantly reduce product prices, reaching the scale of revenue can be traded, the price war kicked off.

Second, the 2012 LED display manufacturers earnings generally poor performance, mainly from the large LED display manufacturers continue to expand the plant in an attempt to small and medium manufacturers out of the market.

Third, most of the LED display manufacturers are based on “how much to sell a square or how much each light point” as the product introduction opening, expect a low price in exchange for orders to return the number of unstable market share, this strategy did succeed in attracting buy cheap LED display foreign buyers flocked to China to find the price, which can be from 2012 to 2013 Guangzhou LED Fair to prove foreign buyers increased significantly, while the price has become the only exhibition demands .

The rapid development of domestic LED display, vividly demonstrated in recent years in the country hosting international events. For example: the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, are an eye-opener to the world. Domestic LED display manufacturers in terms of LED, driver IC, PCB board, and cabinet design technology are many sophisticated enough to rival international competitors; addition, these manufacturers are also actively participating in the world’s major large-scale exhibition, and successfully alliances with European and American firms, but why these valuable experience and technology can not be successfully converted into their value, improve profitability, and in exchange for customer brand loyalty?

July 31, 2013

Digital semiconductor lighting in China

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First, China’s semiconductor lighting digitized current development

(A) The central government attaches great importance to the development of energy-efficient lighting industry

To accelerate the semiconductor lighting technology progress and industrial development, according to “Long-term Scientific and Technological Development Plan (2006-2020)”, “the State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of emerging industries of strategic decision” and the “national” five “scientific and technological development” and other relevant requirements, the ministry on July 3, 2012 issued a “semiconductor lighting technology development,” second five “special plan.

“”Special plan” that should apply to seize the commanding heights of innovation as the goal, process innovation, system integration and solution-focused, developed with cost-competitive semiconductor lighting products to replace inefficient lighting products. Focus on intelligent, networked LED lighting system development, including: reducing lighting energy management and maintenance management costs of system integration technology research; lighting system network topology and network performance optimization technology; cloud-based Internet and public lighting management system development; things based semiconductor lighting control systems, and energy management systems development; lighting system with residential, office buildings, and transportation control system combines integrated approach and technical research.

(Two) needed to implement the policy foundation

Currently semiconductor lighting market prospects, the government introduced various support measures, large capital inflows. Policy was enacted to regulate and guide the market, but the policy issued to the specific implementation, with the distance of space and time. The market has been changing in so there will be policy-oriented and market demand there is a deviation of the situation, which is not in place to implement the policy one of the reasons.

Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and three ministries jointly undertaken semiconductor lighting products financial subsidies to promote the project, due to the existing technology is not yet mature, public awareness is low, the cost of production higher negative factors, the enterprise technology, product and service level varies greatly, industrial chain to be further improved and other reasons, temporarily unable to achieve the desired effect of the promotion and application. The lack of policy support conditions, positioning is not accurate enough. As the market is not mature enough, so that the unit has shelved plans to use programs such as subsidies, so hesitant units continue to wait, thus delaying the application of the scale of the market’s healthy development, and even vicious competition.

Industrial development should take full account of the guiding ideology of the basic conditions for industrial development of the market will have to take full account of the actual demand. Any goals, targets, tasks, content settings must eliminate empiricism, to have efficient and effective safeguards. General lighting market maturation and development of policy support in addition to this factor, should also follow the development of the market, only a low-carbon society, environmental awareness into the Chinese people’s hearts and change people’s ideas, in order to promote the healthy semiconductor lighting industry healthy development.

(Three) increasing social demand

As society advances, in recent years, semiconductor lighting technology has come to the people’s lives in the past, toward a higher luminous efficiency, better luminous quality, lower cost, more features, more reliability and a wider application of direction . The realization of digital lighting, effectively changing the traditional concept of lighting people, the lighting in the area of ​​product application systems, maintenance systems and advanced management system elevated to a new height, opened a new chapter in the history of lighting. For the situation is now speaking, China’s large public buildings lighting function is dependent on the support of various lighting equipment, requires a lot of manpower and resources to maintain. But managers commonly used regular maintenance mode less than ideal, the urgent need for an integrated management of the effective ways to change this status quo.

From the point of view of energy conservation, many hair up State / Territory governments have arranged a special fund, set up a special program to develop a strict incandescent phase-out plan, and vigorously support national and regional semiconductor lighting technology innovation and industrial development . Semiconductor lighting industry has become an international strategic shift in the direction of large enterprises, patents, standards, talent competition heated up, industrial development was the explosive growth. R & D investment in the country’s continued support and market demand, China’s semiconductor lighting technology innovation capability has been rapid increases in functional lighting energy-saving effect is already apparent. With urbanization, consumption for lighting products will further increase, increasing pressure on energy conservation, need large-scale application of semiconductor lighting energy-saving products. Therefore, an urgent need to have energy efficient, advanced and convenient management system, dramatically reducing the cost of management and maintenance of digital semiconductor lighting products to meet the needs of society as a whole.

Second, the digital semiconductor lighting products debut

In 2009, the semiconductor functional lighting products into the overall application of large public buildings, which marked China’s semiconductor lighting from the outside into the interior, from the non-functional lighting developed into functional lighting to achieve a first semiconductor lighting across , opened a new chapter in the history of lighting.

2012, the birth of semiconductor lighting industry a new milestone. First overall application of semiconductor functional lighting products gratifying results after three years of operation, the user units strict inspection results show that more than 20% increase mall illumination, energy-saving rate of 70%, the failure rate of less than 1%, the light fades less than 20% the indicators are in line with national, industry and user requirements.

2013, semiconductor lighting a steady pace into the digital era, digital semiconductor lighting system in the country “Three Green Project” demonstration project debut, forming a third semiconductor lighting industry spans. The project through the network management platform software CNC semiconductor functional lighting with a combination of hardware, the original tradition of the overall transformation of efficient lighting digital semiconductor lighting to achieve a time-sharing basis for lighting, partitions, automatic control; lighting equipment on-line operating conditions monitoring and management; and lighting systems with energy metering. This is the digitization and digital lighting management means an overall implementation, is the first large-scale use of the lighting industry by means of intelligent management of large public buildings for energy-saving lighting and management, China’s semiconductor lighting industry is another milestone.

Third, the semiconductor lighting industry into the digital age

(A) semiconductor functional lighting is an extension of the digital semiconductor lighting

The 21st century is the era of digital technology, digital technology has brought people to facilitate the efficient and increasingly high demand, the salient features of the present era is the digital lifestyle. With the rapid development of semiconductor lighting technology, its application has access to digital, intelligent era of digital lighting control needs more and more clear, digitization, networking and remote monitoring and other technical means of lighting systems has become the standard configuration . Semiconductor lighting experiencing the initial stage of decorative lighting and outdoor lighting, functional lighting intermediate stage, the development of digital lighting stage. With digital technology is becoming more sophisticated lighting, LED lighting and digital lighting combined, will give people ideas and illumination lighting to bring a new revolution.

Semiconductor functional lighting fixtures for lighting terminals, and the number of semiconductor lighting contains a monitoring system, a communication unit, a control module and a semiconductor functional lighting. See Chapter.

(Two) the advantages of digital lighting

Semiconductor functional lighting fundamental research is only a lighting fixture, depending on the requirements of matching the corresponding fixture to meet the demand, but does not support management system for monitoring, control and management. Observed only by artificial lighting system running, not easy to manage and maintain, unable to detect a fault condition occurs, can not guarantee their normal life. Therefore, the semiconductor functional lighting is only available on specific, small, easy maintenance and overhaul of functional lighting environment, unable to meet the large public buildings, factories, mines and workshops such as the need for large-scale application of integrated management of lighting environments.

With the rapid development of LED technology, the field of digital lighting and remote monitoring needs more and more clear, digitization, networking and remote monitoring has become a standard in lighting technology, semiconductor lighting applications blindly from the past into the pursuit of the luminous efficiency of digital , intelligent era. Whether in color performance ability, the ability to control lighting or energy-saving and environmental protection sectors, or in the condition monitoring of sophistication, ease of maintenance system, and better than ordinary semiconductor functional lighting has obvious advantages.

Digital semiconductor lighting fixtures terminal has operating conditions data acquisition, data upload, accepts PC remote control functions, the number of applications is not much lighting effects can be unified for the entire lighting system for monitoring, control and management for large architectural lighting and management to truly achieve a high level of quality and energy efficient lighting effects.

Promote the use of large public buildings digitized lighting, through remote monitoring of equipment to improve the level of automation equipment management, reduce equipment failure, to achieve normal equipment life, reduce production and management costs, optimize energy use and improve energy use metering measures to rationalize energy drop consumption, to achieve large-scale public construction equipment running stop management. Digital content is unusual semiconductor lighting technology in the semiconductor functional lighting, because of its hardware and facilities, products and strong self-test function, high transparency, it is difficult to fish, may lead to some industry lack of core competitiveness of enterprises is difficult to maintain.

Fourth, the industrial development needs analysis

(A) digital semiconductor lighting industry chain is difficult to naturally formedDigital semiconductor lighting industry chain, including upstream epitaxial wafer manufacturing, chip manufacturing midstream and downstream LED packaging, digital intelligent control systems, lighting and other aspects of the application. Upstream of the high technology, capital investment, quality, high-impact, high profit margins for the entire digital semiconductor lighting industry is extremely important. The middle reaches of technology and capital-intensive sectors, the chip is currently the most competitive part of the patent, with investment intensity but slow effect characteristics. Packaging and lighting applications are digital semiconductor lighting industry chain downstream part, is a direct link with the market closely. Part due to the application of investment required is small, lower barriers to entry, the application of product variety, semiconductor lighting industry is the largest and fastest-growing fields.

Digital semiconductor lighting become the future mainstream of the field is illuminated outside the industry consensus, but blindly follow the trend of investment, expand production capacity can not form a complete industrial chain of health. Manufacturers need to strengthen, establish and improve the development, production and testing system, to fully understand standards, understand the use of ambient lighting requirements, understanding of user needs, but also need to improve the core competitiveness of industries to enhance the competitiveness of their products.

(Two) the need for government guidance and support

Eighteen major report proposed a “new four modernizations” which contains new ideas, new thinking, new ways, new structures. “The new four modernizations” What is new in the highlights “information.” The so-called information technology, refers to the culture, the development of digital, intelligent representative of the new productivity tools, and make it the benefit of society historical process. In our country the “new four modernizations” construction process, the core content is the use of advanced technology to promote industrial, social progress and development of the city, the development of digital lighting technology of the “new four modernizations” building has an important positive role.

An emerging industry can not develop without the support of national policy, it is because we see the semiconductor lighting industry immeasurable future prospects, governments support the policy does not lose each other, and today, China’s semiconductor lighting industry did not meet expectations effect, because it is extremely complex. First, China’s investment environment prone government under the guidance of the investment boom, which in photovoltaic, wind power investment may slightly miniature. Compare other countries’ development model, America’s core line is “driven by the market through technological breakthroughs, accelerate the market penetration speed”, by controlling the core technology, market profits hold steady flow of about 80% of the industry profits obtained. At this point, the United States and the largest producer of LED first Japanese coincide, and both have chosen to focus on basic technology research and development, which is sorely lacking in our country is the development of an attitude or basis points.

Development of digital semiconductor lighting from national policies, government policy departure, seeking industry and government policies butt to better and faster development of China’s semiconductor lighting industry digitization. Only through the government on a variety of social integration and utilization of resources, the formation of the relevant research institutions, expert in-depth investigation and analysis of the case, the government policy and financial support given and carried out, thus leading digital semiconductor lighting industry developed steadily.

(Three) semiconductor lighting products manufacturers struggling

Although the Chinese government on a grand scale semiconductor lighting industrial bases rally, but financial support and access to finance expansion and obviously stretched, it is difficult for the industry to pave the way for future development. Therefore, the current semiconductor lighting industry funding bottlenecks to be solved. Due to the double whammy of policy and market, has been eliminated small scale, weak competitiveness of the core semiconductor lighting company, but most companies are still blind due to capacity expansion and product sales into trouble, resulting in deficits, cash flow problems, and even has face closure. If you do not get rid of low-price competition on innovative design model, the domestic LED photovoltaic industry may soon face the dilemma.

Guangdong is China’s LED lighting industry’s first city, but the rise of new industries not yet fully appeared signs of excess capacity, one is in Shenzhen has four billion dollar level enterprises face closure due to funding strand breaks, on the other hand substantial investment is still flocked. Stir beneath, LED industry is destined to continue to struggle in torment.

Competitive pressures in the market, the semiconductor lighting industry in order to truly break through the bottleneck, the right to speak on the market, it must have a strong technical advantage, and has its own independent intellectual property rights and core technologies to be able to have development potential. Although the semiconductor lighting enterprise innovation much faster than expected, but still huge room for improvement.

June 13, 2013

China LED lighting market is expected to achieve steady growth in 2013

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China’s LED market, according to China saw and heard, you can feel “China’s LED lighting market starting in 2012 significantly expanded, the market has already started.” First, the government’s support, outdoor lighting has been popular. 2013 began to import interior, LED lighting in indoor and outdoor two areas will rapidly spread. However, at the same time, a large number of companies must achieve product differentiation.

On China’s LED lighting market, global market research firm DRAMeXchange’s LED investigative bodies LEDinside said: “2012 Chinese government has implemented a series of policies and measures to stimulate domestic demand, LED lighting, LED general lighting market in China has been launched.” As a result, in 2015 China’s demand for LED lighting will reach $ 10 billion in size. LEDinside forecasts, as the economy continues to grow and LED penetration increased to 2020, China’s domestic demand for LED lighting will reach $ 22 billion. Expected to grow sales patterns, including e-commerce and stock sales. Expected proportion of sales in these two areas will continue to climb.

May 19, 2013

LED lighting industry situation

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2013 and will be the year of the onset of large-scale application of LED lighting products in the room “, has become the industry consensus. With the new round of phasing out incandescent Floor implementation of the road map, the opportunities for expansion of China’s LED industry lead to industry shake again. “Second five” special plan “under” semiconductor lighting technology development, by 2015, the scale of China’s LED lighting industry will reach 500 billion yuan, LED lighting products will account for 30% of the general illumination.

According to statistics, in 2011, the total output value of China’s LED industry has reached more than 1100 yuan. In fact, along with the rapid expansion of the industry and external economic downturn since last year, as an important part of the strategic emerging industries LED industry experienced excess capacity, falling prices, of varying quality, low bid, small and medium-sized business failures and other phenomena, the context of fierce market competition, the industry reshuffle is inevitable.

April 11, 2013

Domestic LED chip profits continue to decline

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Recently, the manufacturers gradually released 2012 annual report, the report shows, the LED chip high-margin era has passed.

According to the annual report released by the three safety optoelectronics, 2012 operating income of 3.363 billion yuan, an increase of 92.48%; However attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 8.1 billion yuan, down 13.47%. It is noteworthy that, operating income rose sharply, however, the profit decline.

Reporter found in its annual report that the year-on-year in 2011, the gross profit margin of the industry as a whole decreased by 14.36 percentage points to 25.31%. In addition to the three safety optoelectronics, other chip companies such as BDO Runda, Silan 2012 profit decline.

It is reported that, with the application of LED technology in the lighting field, in 2009 the whole industry into a period of rapid development, and is considered a sunrise industry, the industry was expected that by 2015, LED lighting will account for general lighting market share of 30%, LED lighting industry will reach 500 billion and exports worth $ 30 billion. LED lighting cake attractive, good market prospects, attracting capital from various quarters swarmed into.

However, with the capital from various quarters have shot, LED industry obvious oversupply situation. An unnamed business representatives noted that the current high inventory, the chip company has six months of inventory.

Industry analysts pointed out that, in fact, the 2012 LED market demand has not decreased, but to expand production capacity far exceeds the demand. Moreover, the domestic manufacturers in the field of high-end lighting and not assigned to too much market share, only in the low-end price war, resulting in structural overcapacity.

Appliances analyst Liangzhen Peng said, the reasons for the reduction of the LED TV sales slowdown is also demand for chips. LED chip LED TV parts, but the color TV market in 2012 was very bad, unable to pull the upper reaches of the scale of production and sales.

It is noteworthy that, despite slow sales, however, there are still companies during the expansion, the Shanghai Super Silicon Semiconductor Co., Ltd. layout Chongqing LED chip project completed and put into operation at the end of this year; chip leading enterprises in Taiwan Epistar expansion; crystal electrical and optical grain products Changzhou Bao joint venture plant also increased 8 LED chip production equipment to increase production.

The industry generally believe that the LED chip oversupply of profit certainly not soon improve, continue the expansion will only lead to a further decline in profits.

March 20, 2013

Panasonic will shut down an LED assembly plant in 2014

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Panasonic plans to the cause of substantial reform of the three years up to the year 2015 until the printed circuit board (PBC), semiconductors, batteries and other parts.

Semiconductor parts, Panasonic has five semiconductor plants in Japan, including the production of red laser products Okayama plant will stop production, production the LED components Kagoshima Hioki 2014 factory shut down, system integration chip (Systam LSI ) of the R & D department and fujitsu (Fujitsu) merger plans.

Panasonic is located in mainland China Tianjin plant will stop production of PC / mobile phone lithium-ion batteries, the mainland lithium-ion battery production will be concentrated in three locations in Beijing, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Panasonic will also reduce Japan’s lithium-ion battery production scale, production focus shifted to the mainland.

March 11, 2013

The Cree launched household LED lighting prices below $ 14

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LED light than traditional bulbs power saving 80% and the service life of up to 10 years, a variety of advantages, however, because of the price is too high, LED light bulbs has not yet been successfully penetrated the home lighting market. According to the survey, the alternative to the 60W LED bulb prices between 14.97 to 47.97 U.S. dollars, while the conventional incandescent bulbs as long as $ .40.

In view of this situation, the U.S. LED lighting manufacturer Cree (CREE) decided to change its policy for the general mass market launch of the new LED bulbs, expect that consumers are willing to home use LED lights will influence into the field of office lighting. Cree new alternative of 40W and 60WLED lamp prices are less than $ 14.

Philips in recent weeks launched the alternative 60WLED bulb, asking price $ 14.97, is expected to be launched by the end of the price is less than $ 10 LED lights.

March 6, 2013

Characteristics of the LED display

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Compared with other large-screen terminal display, LED display mainly has the following characteristics:
1, high brightness: Outdoor LED display brightness 4000-12000cd/m2 be able to be used in the outdoor weather is currently the only large-scale display terminal; Indoor LED display brightness 800-2000cd/m2
2, long life: LED life of up to 100,000 hours (ten years), the parameters generally refers to the design life of the brightness of the dark;
3, large viewing angle: the indoor viewing angle greater than 160 degrees the outdoor viewing angle greater than 120 degrees. The size of the viewing angle depends on the shape of the LED light-emitting diode.
4, the screen area is big or small, as small as less than one square meter, up to hundreds of thousands of square meters
5, easy computer interface, the rich support software.

March 4, 2013

Philips delete “electronic”, announced renamed as the “Royal Philips”

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Netherlands Royal Philips Electronics (Royal Philips Electronics) has been announced on the 25th, the Annual General Meeting on May 3, to amend the company’s charter and changed its name to Royal Philips (Royal Philips).

From its inception in 1891, Philips focus on R & D in the field of light bulbs and TV. In the past decade, also involved in the manufacture of medical devices. In 1991, it was officially named Philips Electronics, in 1998, changed its name to Royal Philips Electronics. For the renamed Philips spokesman Steve Klink said, “We believe that the new name better reflects consumer electronics products is not our priority.”

Philips CEO Frans van Houten said, “Philips is a diversified company dedicated to the fields of healthcare, energy efficient lighting and consumer health services to improve the quality of people’s lives through timely introduction of meaningful innovations. innovative products, systems and services to help improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people and we believe that as the name of our new company, named Royal Philips will push the world a more healthy and sustainable development. “

Philips will build a factory of LED-based “Green”

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Reported recently, Philips Lighting and Yunnan Hongta Group in the implementation of the “Green Factory” LED-based lighting upgrade silk workshop. Philips “Green Factory” concept proposed multidimensional scientific energy management, lighting design, and enterprise efficiency and employee work environment care, lighting equipment acquisition and operating costs for enterprises to achieve effective control.

The silk shop as a front end of the production line to become the starting point of Hongta Group and Philips. Silk workshop of plant height of 7.5 m, and wire storage room and vacuum resurgence area up to 10 meters in height. The plant internal clearance situation is more complex, more large-scale equipment, upper duct everywhere, need careful design and calculation of the area and the effect of the light distribution. Philips Lighting professional design team based on the operational requirements of the silk workshop developed a system of green lighting solutions; leading LED technology use, only the silk workshop will be able to achieve annual savings in electricity over 20 million, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions more than 400 tons of the desired effect.

In the Hongta silk shop lighting design, using the latest generation of Philips LED the high ceiling GreenPerformBY618/619 narrow beam lights. Prospective patent shape the structure and has the best ratio of three kinds with optional light, the the light wide / narrow light / high shelf with light constitute. The appropriate illumination makes clearly visible; at the same time, this product system efficiency of up to 100lm / W, can be one-to-one replacement 250W and 400W, the overall energy-saving rate of 60%. In addition it also has optimized structure design, IP65 degree of protection to meet the security requirements of the silk shop. The program also uses the innovative LED module independent dimming system the the smart DLPE intelligent dimming panel DMBC110-coupler, according to the different needs of different periods, intelligent control to adjust the lighting, the performance of the entire system to save 75 %.

In addition, Philips also use a high color rendering high ceiling lamps as supporting the combination. Its unique design and Philips light source can achieve optimal light distribution effect, to create a clear, bright, high quality lighting environment.

Philips personnel, after the completion of the project, two silk workshop reached the expected effect of the lighting illuminance measured results average close to 200 lux, strengthen the lighting part of the illumination of 300 lux. It is worth mentioning that the to strengthen the lighting area lamps density Despite the increase, but the lighting power down to 1/4 overall reached a considerable energy saving benefits.

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